On the last weekend of February, Technologists and peacebuilders sipped their coffee from sustainably made wheat-based mugs at the first-ever Designing…
We don't use it at the Bulletin, but that doesn't mean it isn't real.
Also: partisanship affects preferences for censorship vs. free speech, as well as medical treatment.
Live by polarized narratives, die by polarized narratives
Also: It’s not just Red lawmakers who want to ban “Latinx”

February 2023

Here’s why they increasingly vote Blue instead, and why neither side has addressed economic inequality.
Also: the French worry about le wokisme; and a great list of books on depolarization
Some people believe nutty things, but that doesn't mean this word is useful in partisan conflict.

January 2023

Also: diversity training may be counterproductive, the politics of one-sided condemnation of violence
A veteran of international conflicts talks about applying peacebuilding lessons to the US.
Also: facts paired with personal experiences increases tolerance, insightful Red self-criticism
Also: Science-backed strategies to prevent partisan animosity, and health data shows partisanship is literally killing us