What the Better Conflict Bulletin is About

We produce news and research for people dedicated to the idea that the U.S. domestic conflict could be better. 

You know which conflict. Maybe you call it polarization, or the culture war, or maybe just the fight for our democracy, but none of these really covers the sprawling dysfunction of our politics. Let’s face it: we’re fighting, and it’s turning ugly. 

Our mission is to:

  • clarify the most controversial issues in a calm, empathetic, and evidence-based way

  • cover the people and organizations who are finding better ways to navigate the culture war

  • support those who work across divides, regardless of their politics

Our purpose isn’t to end the conflict, because we believe that conflict is part of how societies change for the better. Instead we ask: what would it mean for this conflict to be better? We cover the latest conflict research, and spotlight those who are succeeding in crossing political divides. We aim to be one part realpolitik and one part idealism. 

We are not apolitical. We do make hard calls when we think someone needs to concede in the interest of moving forward. We aren’t impartial, but multi-partial: we want to help everyone get what they want, if that's possible. And when conflict does escalate, we want to contain the contest of force so that fewer people get hurt.

We know we need to draw from a wide range of traditions, from scholarly to community, from spiritual to radical. We need all sorts of people to help us make sense of all of this. No matter whether you’re in the majority or the minority, no matter what your special expertise is, no matter what your politics are – if you are dedicated to the project of living together with respect, we want you here.

We have three core values:

  • Inquiry. We are learning just like you, and aim to be comprehensive in our questions and fearless with the answers.

  • Compassion. In the end, this is all about living together with kindness.

  • Utility. We’re always looking for better approaches that you can apply in your own life and work.

This is a deeply human pursuit. It is heartbreaking that we live in a time where the same national event can feel like a victory for some and a tragedy for others. For many of us, the pain is personal; record numbers of us have lost friends and family due to politics. You’re here because you’re dissatisfied, and because you know there has to be a better way.

There are better ways, and we find and cover them.

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