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Both Red and Blue candidates have long invoked authoritarianism - BCB #31

India and China have agreed to fight with sticks - BCB #30

A Reasonable Take on The Twitter Files - #BCB 29

Reparations: a divisive issue under trial run - BCB #28

Lorraine Segal [Podcast] - BCB #27

Weeding out our less extreme friends - BCB #26

Cable news decides not to feed the trolls - BCB #25

Lorraine Segal: Whole People

Moderates won the midterms - BCB #24

Amanda Ripley [Podcast] - BCB #23

Twitter's “Content Council” might just work - BCB #22

Amanda Ripley: Asking The Right Questions

Gen Z doesn’t date across party lines; How to avoid a second civil war; Red lawmakers use more polarizing language - BCB #21

Shaun Cammack of The Narratives Project [Podcast] - BCB #20

Shaun Cammack: Narratives, Social Media, and Current Events

Mike Wasserman of the Constructive Dialogue Institute [Podcast] - BCB #19

Mike Wasserman: The Explorer Mindset

Introducing The Transformers: Interviews with People Doing Conflict Transformation - BCB #18

Electoral Reforms: Would Open Primaries Favor More Moderate Candidates? – BCB #17

Political Discrimination in Hiring Risks Creating an Economic Underclass - BCB #16

Electoral Reforms: Ranked Choice Voting - BCB #15

What Biden Could Have Said, if Unity was the Goal - BCB #14

Differences Within Your Own Side Are Helpful - BCB #13

How Gen Z Is Reshaping Political Conflict - BCB #12

Shades of Red And Blue - BCB #11

Both Sides Think They're Losing - BCB #10

There's No Substitute for Talking - BCB #9

A Better Cancel Culture - BCB #8

Journalism’s Role in Better Conflict – BCB #7

Violence and Non-Violence - BCB #6

What is Polarization? - BCB #5

Trust and Resilience - BCB #4

Crime and Misperception - BCB #3

Friends And Family Across the Divide- BCB #2

What is Good vs. Bad Conflict? - BCB #1

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