I find it very hard to wrap my brain around red-coded Americans being less in favor of suppressing speech they don't agree with than blue-coded Americans. But I'm 65, born the year that the infamous senator Joe McCarthy died. I recall good conservative Americans horrified that their children might learn accurate information about biology, whether sex education or evolutionary theory. I recall all kinds of Christian "truth" being shoved down everyone's throat.

And of course some of them are still doing it, forming pressure groups to purge public libraries of books they don't like, and then to defund those libraries if the purge is resisted.

Unfortunately some of their political opponents are doing much the same, currently, though in different forms. And some quantity of red coded Americans are claiming to be terrified of finding themselves cancelled. (I'd be more sympathetic if I hadn't been semi-cancelled at birth for the crime of having two X chromosomes ... yes, things are somewhat better now, but I recall them solemnly agreeing that I was incapable of rational thought, as well as being more or less restricted to the career of wife-and-mother.)

But it's still next to impossible to convince me that this particular leopard has changed its spots.

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